Friday, September 21, 2012

Jumping and Counting with Painting Tape

One day we were measure how far B can jump using some painter’s tape. This tape was the perfect thing for quickly marking how far he went each time, as we didn’t need scissors and it is easy to take up too. This tape has become an important part of our craft cupboard as it is simple and quick for both of us to use. It is great for finger control as he picks at the end and strengthens them as he rips the end.

A Roll of Painter's Tape

After jumping long distance, I had the idea that he could jump from one piece of tape to another. I could place them in shapes or spirals or around the room. He loved the idea. It became a perfect opportunity to practice counting as the tape is easy to write on. 

Tape with 4 written on it

He’s an expert at counting up to 10, but higher than that still needs practice, so it gave him opportunity to recognise the higher numbers and hear them over and over as I said them and he jumped up to 20. A few days later, I heard him practicing on his own!

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